Volusia County Pre-Arrest Representation

A Pre-Charge Attorney Can Provide Tremendously Effective Help Prior to an Actual Arrest or Before Formal Charges are Executed

Sam N. Masters, the founder of Sam Masters Legal, is an experienced criminal Attorney who knows Florida law and appreciates the importance of Pre-Arrest Representation. What you do or say before being charged with a crime may be more important than your actual legal defense.

The Importance of Pre-Charge Representation - Obtaining Legal Advice is Critical

Obtaining legal advice in a criminal case prior to being arrested is paramount. If for any reason you suspect that you are under suspicion for any crime or criminal conduct, contact Sam Masters Legal immediately. Many times, police investigators leave a business card at your home or business. A telephone call, a letter, a visit or a subpoena from a government agent may also be warning signs that you are being investigated.

Sam Masters Legal will represent and advise you about what you should say or not say to investigators. You have Pre-Arrest Questioning Miranda Rights which your attorney will protect. He will help you avoid common mistakes that can put you into a more severe legal situation. Seldom, if ever, it is to your advantage to speak with law enforcement without advice of counsel. Many times, even the most innocent statement made to law enforcement can be used to place you at the scene of the crime, for instance.

There is an old saying, "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be misinterpreted and used against you."

Law enforcement investigators are experienced in interrogation techniques. When you attempt to assert your rights to remain silent and to have a lawyer present, investigators may imply that you must be guilty if you are asking for an attorney. Police may also allege that they have fingerprints, witness statements or other evidence which implicates you in a crime. These are common interrogation tools lawfully used by law enforcement to obtain confessions and other incriminating statements.

Police officers also have little or no legal authority to offer “deals” in exchange for your cooperation. It is ultimately up to the state or federal prosecutor to determine what if any charges will be filed. In addition, only state and federal prosecutors are authorized to grant immunity from prosecution in exchange for your testimony. You need an experienced attorney to advise you of your rights before any statements are made.

Discussions with prosecutors may also aid in influencing them both before and after the actual arrest. Such discussions can also provide valuable insight and information that can aid in your defense. Early involvement by an experienced lawyer before arrest or prior to a formal charging decision by the prosecutor may prevent you from ever being criminally charged, let alone convicted. Even after an arrest has been made, Sam Masters Legal can engage in discussions with the prosecutors to gather information, provide them with additional information and otherwise attempt to persuade them not to file charges or to file a lesser charge.

Call Sam Masters Legal at (386) 252-4717 immediately for a free initial consultation. Sam will provide you with valuable Pre-Charge Representation. Now is the time to act! Representing Volusia & Flagler Counties including Palm Coast, Bunnell and Flagler Beach.