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  • "Sam was more than just an Attorney he took the time to really listen to my circumstances and had total empathy and understanding. He was able to present my side of the story and have my case dismissed very quickly." by Bogie K, Former Client
  • "I can't overstate the importance of feeling supported by a firm that advocates for you when you have no voice of your own. Thank you with deep appreciation for Sam Masters Legal." by Patty R, Former Client
  • "Sam Masters is amazing! If you're looking for excellent results and even better communication, this is the firm to go to!" by Brittany D, Former Client
  • "If you’re looking for a lawyer who will work extremely hard for you, give Sam Masters Legal a call. You’ll be glad you did!" by Loriann G, Former Client
  • "If you are looking for someone to take your case personal and get results this is the firm. Highly recommend. Thank you Sam and Kerri." by Anonymous, Former Client
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Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

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Sam N. Masters

If you have been arrested for DUI or drunk driving, drug possession, domestic violence, assault and battery or any other felony or misdemeanor charge in Volusia County or Flagler County, Florida, it’s time to contact Sam Masters Legal, Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between jail and possible reduced or dismissed charges. Sam N. Masters and his legal staff have the dedication and experience to protect your rights and guide you through the complicated legal defense process.

Early intervention can be critical to a positive resolution in a criminal defense case. If possible, Sam Masters Legal would like to help you avoid criminal prosecution or conviction. Many times, early involvement by an experienced criminal defense attorney can result in dismissal or reduction of the charges at the intake level. Sam’s firm is ready to immediately become involved in the case and help you protect your civil rights.

Examples of Criminal Defense Cases: Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), Child Abuse Defense, Child Neglect, Computer and Internet related Crimes, Fraud, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, DUI, Expungement & Sealing Records, Grand Theft, Juvenile Offenses, Kidnapping, Prescription Drug Abuse, Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes, Weapons Defense Charges, White Collar Crimes, and more.

Innocent people are frequently charged with serious crimes they didn’t commit. If this has happened to you, a loved one, or a friend, encourage them to contact Sam at Sam Masters Legal. Sam will review their charges and provide options on how to proceed with the charges. Time is of the essence in many cases.

Appearing in court in the State of Florida can be very intimidating and downright overwhelming. It’s very possible you could receive more serious charges if you are not represented by an experienced Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney. It’s crucial you have someone on your side that will listen to you and give you expert advice. The earlier you have experienced legal representation your side the better. Pick up your phone and Call Sam Masters Legal today

Sam Masters Legal - Protecting Your Rights, Protecting Your Future

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Sam Masters Legal is not limited to serving Daytona Beach personal injury and criminal defense cases. He also represents clients outside of the Greater Daytona Beach area, including personal injury and criminal defense cases in Daytona Beach Shores, Barberville, Cassadaga, De Leon Springs, Debary, Deland, Deltona, Edgewater, Glenwood, Lake Helen, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Orange City, Ormond Beach, Osteen, Pierson, Port Orange and Seville in Volusia County and Bunnell, Flagler Beach, along with Palm Coast in Flagler County.

Sam N. Masters will aggressively fight for your legal rights and ensure that you and your loved ones receive the results to which you are entitled by law.

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Sam N. Masters will aggressively fight for your legal rights and ensure that you and your loved ones receive the results to which you are entitled by law.