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If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident, you are likely experiencing a challenging and difficult time. During this difficult time, you should know that you are not alone. Sam Masters is here to advise you and help you protect your legal rights to fair compensation.

Auto Accidents – A Financial Epidemic at Large

Many people do not realize the number of auto collisions that occur in the United States nor their devastating financial impact. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a car collision occurs every 60 seconds on U.S. roadways. This equates to approximately 5.25 million car accidents each and every year.

Here in Florida, there are over 350,000 traffic accidents, which result in over 200,000 injuries every year. In Florida alone, 3,000 people tragically lose their life due to a serious car collision each year. Car accidents are also the leading cause of permanent disabilities.

The NHTSA also reports that the economic impact of all U.S. motor vehicle collisions has reached an average of $230 billion a year. To put this in perspective, this is nearly 2.3 percent of our nation's gross domestic product or $820 for every U.S. citizen.

The Common Causes of Florida Car Collisions

As a Daytona Beach auto accident lawyer for over 30 years, Sam Masters Legal represents injured victims of serious car collisions caused by speeding, driver fatigue, improper driving, distracted driving, drunk driving and intoxication caused by drugs. Along with these traditional causes of serious car accidents, text messaging and cell phone usage while driving has dramatically increased the risk of sustaining serious injuries in a car accident while commuting.

Florida Auto Accidents Involve Complex Legal Issues

There are several factors that can complicate car collision injury claims and hamper a car accident victim's ability to obtain full compensation for one’s injuries.

At Sam Masters Legal, Sam's firm collaborates to effectively protect the legal rights of our clients injured in Volusia County and Flagler County auto collisions. Mr. Master's firm carefully considers and weighs the complicated legal issues in each and every case.

These issues and legal procedures include initially investigating the facts of the collision, properly documenting our client’s injuries, complying with legal procedures, such as, filing deadlines, satisfying policy notice requirements and recording the payment of collision related medical bills.

Warm Insurance Television Commercials and the Real World

The insurance industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on television commercial campaigns that convey trust and reliability. The reality is that insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, not for the people that have been injured in a traffic accident. Our law firm routinely hears stories from clients where an insurance adjuster will make settlement offers as quickly as hours after a collision. This quick settlement offer occurs because the full extent of the accident victim’s injuries may still be unknown to the auto accident victim. The insurance company would like to settle the claim for as little money as possible before the car collision victim learns the full extent of the victim's injuries. Insurance adjusters are not attorneys working to protect your legal rights to fair compensation; they are employees of the insurance company who are charged with the job of minimizing the value of insurance claims.

The Injuries Commonly Associated with Traffic Accidents

Sam Masters Legal routinely handles all types of injuries sustained in an auto collision. These often include serious injuries, such as fractured bones, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs and/or psychological disorders. "Soft tissue" injuries such as muscle tears, pinched nerves or bulging discs also can be seriously debilitating. Soft tissue injuries can relapse, resulting in an accident victim enduring a lifetime of pain. All injuries must be properly diagnosed and treated by medical providers experienced in treating these serious injuries. A written record documenting every injury is important so that the injuries may be validated and presented to the insurance company for proper reimbursement.

Sam Masters Legal has 30 years of personal injury litigation knowledge and experience to protect your legal right to fair compensation for property damage, rental car reimbursement, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and all other legally compensatory damages.

Sam Masters Legal is ready to fight for your legal rights and ensure that you and/or your loved ones receive the complete compensation to which you are entitled by law. Call (386) 252-4717 today for a free initial consultation with Sam Masters, an experienced Daytona Beach auto accident attorney.